Chapter 4: Civil Liberties (Dave B)

Citizen Juries Current Event Examples:

Criminal Procedure and Due Process Current Event Examples:

Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Petition Current Event Examples:

Freedom of Religion Current Event Examples:

Freedom of Speech Current Event Examples:

Freedom of the Press Current Event Examples:

Civil Liberties Learning Activity:

Civil Liberties Video (about 30 min):

American Civil Liberties Union:

Story of Bill of Rights Video:

Korematsu and Civil Liberties Video:

Civil Liberties in War:

Unreasonable Search and Seizure Issue Page:

Second Amendment Issue Page:

First Amendment Issue Page:

Interactive Guide to the Sixth Amendment:

Freedom of Speech Video:

First Amendment Learning Activity:

The 14th Amendment Video:

The Right to Trial by an Impartial Jury Video:

Search and Seizure Video:

Civil Liberties Videos (7 total on page):

Bill of Rights and Later Amendments List and Info:

Bill of Rights ACLU:

Civil Liberties Current Event Examples:

Articles about Civil Liberties:

ACLU News:

NSA Surveillance Exposed Stories:

Miranda v. Arizona Video:

The Patriot Act, Key Controversies:

NARAL Pro-Choice America:

National Right to Life Website:

Rodney King Tape:

Civil Liberties Video:

Gun Control Debate:

Abortion Debate:

Scopes Trial:

Kent State Protests:

Images (Charts, Graphs, Pictures):

Rights of the Accused and cases:

Bill of Rights:

Miranda Warning:

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