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Federalism Activity 2:

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Timeline of Federalism:

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  • Federalism Learning Activity:

  • Marbury v. Madison

  • Federalism Videos (Half-way down page; 3 short videos “Marshall’s View

of Federalism,” “Having a Strong National Government” and “McCulloch v. Maryland”):

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Federalism Activity (Venn Diagram Handout linked to page):

  • National/State Powers: Denied Powers:

  • State Governments:

  • US Federalism For Dummies (longer video):

  • Federal vs. State Powers:

  • State and Local Government

  • Stages of Federalism Overview:

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How Federalism allows states to check and balance national gov’t Image:

  • National, State and Shared Powers Image:

  • Total Governments in the United States:

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  • Dual and Cooperative Federalism:

  • Dual Federalism:

  • Cooperative Federalism:

  • Great Society Image: